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Recently WordPress 3.0 has been released. I’ve ran a quick test with the latest version of Dynmaic Widgets (1.3) and did not find any problem. So it seems this new WordPress release does not affect the working of Dynamic Widgets.

If you find any problems with Dynamic Widgets 1.3 in combination with WordPress 3.0, please let me know.

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  • Hi

    First of all: This is a great plugin. Thank you so much. 🙂

    I found an issue, that might be of interest (for you). Dynamic Widgets in combination with WPML (a great translation plugin) >
    on WordPress 3.0 do not work. Widgets remain completly invisible.

    • Hi Jonas, Thanks for your comment! I’ll look into this to see if I can find a soultion for it.

    • Hi Jonas, I’ve been fiddling around with WPML. Tried several scenario’s in combination with Dynamic Widgets plugin. In all scenario’s the plugin functioned as expected. I’m unable to reproduce your problem. Maybe I need more information how your config looks like. It might be also a problem related to the config of a widget. If you like, I can have a look to your Dynamic Widgets config if you send me a dump via the bugreport form. Please also state what you’re trying to achieve.

    • OK, I’ve found the problem now Jonas. I must have overlooked that when I was trying to reproduce the problem. It was actually my GF who had a splendid suggestion to try something. Not sure if If I’m able to fix that. I’ve indentified why Dynamic Widgets behaves unexpected. It will depend a lot what WPML releases to the WP system. I’m going to look into that.

    • WPML support will be included in the next release of Dynamic Widgets. It will support static pages, category pages, category in single posts and custom post types. Dynamic Widgets syncs the rules of the widgets between the translations of the pages. You will still see only the default language pages in the Dynamic Widgets config screens. Dynamic Widgets takes care of the rest. So, for example if you hide a widget at the (default language) English About page, it will also hide the widget at the translated Austrian About page.

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