Dynamic Widgets 1.3.6

Hopefully wordpress.org will co-operate (see my blogentry about the development version problems), the next version of Dynamic Widgets will be released soon. In this version the following has been added and changed:

  • Added l10n support.[1]
  • Added Dutch language files (locale: nl)
  • Added support for WP Shopping Cart / WP E-Commerce Categories.
  • Bugfix for error 404 (file not found) when saving options.
  • Bugfix for unexpected behavior in subsequent category pages.
  • Bugfix for unexpected behavior in single post when using individual exception rules.
  • Bugfix for unexpected behavior in Custom Post Types.
  • Bugfix for incorrect use and display of Custom Post Types in Widget Edit Options screen.
  • Removed several PHP notices.

[1] With version 1.3.6 of Dynamic Widgets I’ve implemented l10n support. Not all text strings are already in the POT file which you can find in the locale directory. The first text strings I have already translated into Dutch. You’re invited to add another translation. When you have a finished translation PO and MO file, please send it to me, so I can include it into the repository.

Note: If you hit into an error 404 not found when trying to download version 1.3.6, please try again later. It looks like wordpress.org is catching up with the sync.

25 Comments to “Dynamic Widgets 1.3.6”

  • Thank you for this great widget. Is there any way that I can have the default setting set to off? I’m trying to create a separate text widget for each post on my blog. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes, you can. Set all options, except Role and Date to ‘No’ and check the checkbox ‘Make exception rule available to individual posts and tags.’ under the Single Posts section. Save and you’re done. Now you can switch the widget to ‘On’ in every post you like. Just edit your post, you’ll see a Dynamic Widgets box at the bottom right of the screen with a checkbox next to the name of the widget. Checking this box (and saving your post of course) creates the exception to show the widget.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • This widget is the bomb!!!! I could definitely use a select all option for categories and the post check boxes. We have a ton of categories and only need to show certain content for each category, so checking every box except one makes for a long day.
    Keep up the great work. Pretty soon our website will use you plugin for most of our content thanks so much. Will send some cash your way as soon as we get some!!!

  • Sorry forgot to notify myself!! hehe, thanks again!

  • Never mind I just figured out that if you select no and then use the exception rule then it quicker. Probably less code too?

    • Hi Ryan,
      Yes, absolutely less rules to check.

  • Hi,
    thanks for this great plugin. Only one feature is missing for multilingual pages: Could you include a possibility to change the widget apperance for different language versions? I’m using the WPML plugin for the translation.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Tobias, Apologies for the bit late reply… Nice suggestion! I’ll have a look what I can do.

    • Hi Tobias, The latest development version (r321062) has your suggestion added.

      • Hi Jacco,

        wow, very quickly. Thanks a lot. I will test it as soon as possible.

        Best regards,

  • Hi again,

    how can I upgrade my existing version of Dynamic Widgets with the developement version?


    • Very simple:

      1. Download this file.
      2. Unzip
      3. Upload the unzipped directory (dynamic-widgets) to your WordPress installation in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. You will get some warnings about overwriting existing files. That’s OK of course. 😉

      You don’t need to reactivate the plugin. The version number has not changed.

      • Many thanks!
        Everything seems to work fine


        • Hi again!
          I found a bug: After Updating the plugin (not only with the developement version. the problem also appeared with the update before) my dynamic widget configuration seems to be OK in backend. I used the page option to decide on which page a widget is shown. But on frontend the dynamic widgets are not shown on any page.

          Best regards,
          Tobias Lambrecht

          • Hi Tobias, Thanks for the notification. I did find a bug with static pages yesterday evening in de development version which I corrected immediately (r322924). But haven’t been aware of the same or similair bug occuring in the stable version. Could you please send me a dump? Most of time that helps me determing where and how the bug occurs. Maybe it’s also interesting to look to r322924 to see if it still occurs.

  • Could you send me an email, so that I have your mail address?

  • I too have found a ‘bug’ unfortunately. I’ve been busy configuring this plugin for a fairly small site (sub 50 pages) and with only about ten widgets in total but have just found that something is not working correctly:-
    leaving my Ad Squares box as static it displays in all pages/posts (correctly)
    setting it as dynamic and then No to Single Posts displays the widget in all single pages and in category pages (correctly)
    Leaving it at the default of ‘show on static pages’ but ticking one box to not display on that page, turns off the widget for the desired page but also turns it off on random other pages too. Can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason – the pages that don’t work correctly seem quite random, it doesn’t matter whether I set the defaults to On and turn off a single page, or whether I set the default to Off and turn ON a single page, the widget still shows up on random pages. Tried doing it with a different widget with the same result too :o(.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Mike,
      Which version of Dynamic Widgets are you using? The official 1.3.6 or a development version? If you are using, a development version, please install the latest development version. There have been a bug in the development version which showed this kind of behaviour.

  • I’m already using 1.3.6 I’m afraid. I’ve been trying hard on it over the last couple of hours and I think I’ve at least tracked down some order behind the problem, if not the problem itself.
    To try and simplify explaining it, imagine I have five widgets, 1 through 5. On my main page, I show widgets 2,3, and 5. Another page shows 2,3,4 and all seems well. Next page shows 1,3,4, and 5, and that’s okay too. And then I have a page that has widgets 3,5,2, and 1, and this is where it all seems to go pear-shaped, and one (or more) of the widgets won’t display. If I look at a page which should for example show widgets 5,3, and 2, but for which widget 2 is incorrectly missing, I can make it re-appear by re-ordering widgets on the sidebar.
    I know what you’re going to say, simply ensure that all widgets appear in the same order on all pages, but I can’t do that – some of my widgets are more important on some pages than others, so where they display in the sidebar differs. If I had to create a copy of widget 2, one for where it appears after widget 1 and one for when it appears after widget 3, I’m not certain that’d work because I’d then need ANOTHER widget 2 for when it appears after widget 5! And then I’m worried it might be exponential – would I need another whole set of widget 2’s for when widget 5 comes first? LOL, I’d end up with fifty widgets to serve ten ;o(

    • Hi Mike,
      Of course I would say that! 😉 No… just joking… but it does trigger me. If I understand you correctly, the bug occurs when the order of the widgets is changed. Are you using a plugin for reordering the widgets in the sidebar? Or some other method for reordering the widgets? There might be a conflict / incompatibility which hopefully can be solved.

      Nice site by the way! 🙂

  • Hi Jacco
    No, scratch that – I’m NOT reordering the widgets per page. Put it down to just sheer levels of confusion trying to lay stuff out! I was right though in saying that, somehow or other, a page/post which is NOT correctly displaying all the widgets that should be in its sidebar can somehow miraculously regain the correct widgets if I open my admin panel in another window and just drag the non-displaying widget to the top of the stack.
    So I’m unfortunately no nearer working out some order to the issue which would no doubt help track it down. I CAN replicate it at least in part though – there is a widget at the foot of all static pages at the moment, the one called ‘FEATURED’ down its right side. Its already turned off in all posts, and its turned off on all category pages too. However, I want it that it only shows on the front page of the site. I’ve discovered that leaving the default as ON but turning off ANY individual page using the tickbox actually turns it off on ALL static pages. Conversely, if I set it to OFF it stays off on ALL pages no matter how many I tck back ON!?
    (Just) in case its of any assistance whatsoever, there’s another widget (the very top one on the homepage with the adverts in it) that is set to work exactly the same way as the FEATURED one that won’t work – i.e. they’re both supposed to be only displaying on the front page of the site and nowhere else. The top one does that correctly, the bottom one doesn’t. Go figure…!

    • Hi Mike,
      Ok, scratching it from the list. Can you please send me a dump from Dynamic Widgets. I’m going to try to simulate the config you have. See if that brings some light in the darkness. I’ll email you separately also for my email address where you can send the dump to.

  • P.S. Thanks for the compliment, but remember I’ve only generated the content – its the wizardry of developers like you and the theme author that make my drab words look a bit more visually appealing!

    • Bit off topic, but I have to reply to this one….
      It’s the content what’s been read and actually the reason why most of the time a visitor comes to a site; to view and/or read content. It’s just the technique which give the author of the content the tools to publish the content (in a nice appealing way). It are two separate things, but needed both. It takes two to tango!

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