Dynamic Widgets with WP E-Commerce 3.8

Thanks to a comment made by Sosa I’ve learned that the upcoming WP E-Commerce (WPEC) version 3.8 is not compatible with the current version of Dynamic Widgets. The developers of WPEC have changed quite a few things in the way pages and categories are managed.

Today I can happily announce Dynamic Widgets will remain compatible with WPEC. Starting with development version Dynamic Widgets has support for this new version of WPEC added.

Unfortunately because of the change by WPEC, when you upgrade WPEC you’ll have to redo all rules you’ve created within Dynamic Widgets for WPEC manually. It was nog possible for me to find out how to convert these to the new system used by WPEC. For your convience I’ve created a WPEC config dump generator to be able to give an overview of all the WPEC rules created in Dynamic Widgets to make recreating the rules easier. Please note the generator only works correctly when the WPEC product categories database table still exists and you did not add or modified any rule in Dynamic Widgets. The generator can be found at the Dynamic Widgets overview page by clicking on the ‘Advanced >’ link at the bottom of the page.

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