Dynamic Widgets 1.5.7

Dynamic Widgets 1.5.7 is here! After many pleas from users finally with mobile device detection support. Further, I’ve integrated a new language (Serbo-Croatian) and fixed a few bugs.

You can download the new version from the WordPress Plugin Directory or wait for the announcement in your WordPress dashboard. When you upgrade manually, do not forget to perform a deactivate – activate cycle of the plugin.

13 Comments to “Dynamic Widgets 1.5.7”

  • Interesting plugin (v1.5.7) – looking to implement it with a client website.

    I am stuck on one thing, and don’t seem to be able to find the right combination of settings. I cannot get the Categories widget to display for the category GROUP. That is:

    http://site.org/updates/blog DISPLAYS WIDGET
    http://site.org/category/general !!DOES NOT DISPLAY!!
    http://site.org/general/testest-2 DOES DISPLAY (general is a category)
    http://site.org/blog/website-is-live DOES DISPLAY (blog is a custom post type)

    I have no posts (generic), 3 custom post types. Blog is the only one with categories. I’ve got DW working for not displaying on anything except certain pages – that part works great. It also allows display of the Categories everywhere EXCEPT when attempting to display all posts for a given category.

    I’ve got “Show widget default on category pages?” set to Yes. I’ve tried OLD.

    Which setting allows a WP URL of …/category/whatever to display widget?


    • The standard setting of DW is to always display widgets. Basically the way WordPress works. When you say the widgets are not displayed, then there is something wrong with the template that’s being used for the custom post category. Things you can check: Existence of a sidebar, which sidebar, does the sidebar has widgets?

      Re your URL question: “/category/whatever” would be the setting (without the quotes)

      • Thanks for responding Jacco!

        Sorry, maybe I left the initial explanation out:

        Before I installed DW, the Categories widget WAS displayed everywhere. After I installed DW, the Categories widget was still displayed everywhere. Then, I was able to use DW to not display it on the pages I didn’t want it on, and to display it on the pages I did want it on. In other words, it’s working as advertised about 90% to only dynamically display the widgets on the pages I want (URL 1, 3, and 4).

        The problem is that I cannot seem to get it to display on URL 2 – a generic WP /category/CATEGORYSLUG URL.

        So the question I’m trying to answer is that I’ve turned the widget off for most things, then allowed only for the pages I want it on, but can’t seem to find the setting that allows widget on /category/CATEGORYSLUG. I thought “Show widget default on category pages” would do it, but apparently not. I’ve tried other settings just to see if they would help, to no avail…

        Hope that was more clear!

        Perhaps a dump of settings would help? But I’m not sure if you would want that here, or in bugtraq (I’m not convinced it’s a bug, it could easily be me not setting something).

        Thank you for your time!

        • OK, that would mean DW hides the widget, probably by following one of the other (hiding) rules you’ve set. That makes it very likely DW receives ‘wrong’ information from the theme. This might be a bit hard, but the only way to find that out is unhiding the widget rule by rule and see when the widget appears. Start with the obvious ones like Custom Post, Custom Post Archives. When the widget shows up somewhere unwanted, related to the rule, you can hide it by using thr URL option.

  • Ik heb een heel eenvoudige vraag:

    hoe zorg ik ervoor dat een widget ENKEL op de homepage verschijnt?

    Er zijn zoveel opties, dat ik er niet wijs uit wordt. Ik heb al vanalles geprobeerd, maar het gevolg is altijd dat de widget NIET op de homepage zichtbaar is.

    Ik wil een widget dus alleen op de homepage zichtbaar maken, that’s all.

    Ik heb zonet 15 euro gedoneerd (ik had je gebeld). De link die geplaatst mag worden is deze:

    Discover Jesus Christ ()


    • De front-page is -helaas- wel eens meer een probleem. Dit komt veelal door bijzondere implementaties van het theme. Soms gebruikt het theme ook een aparte sidebar voor de front-page.

      Allereerst ligt het eraan wat de front-page is in jouw geval. Is het de posts page, dan heb je een sectie op de DW admin pagina “Front Page”. Is het een statische pagina, dan kan je deze terugvinden onder de sectie “Pages”. Let op dat de statische pagina (en daar gaat het vaak fout) geselecteerd moet zijn in Settings > Reading

      Mocht dit allemaal niet baten, dan kan je OLD methode nog even proberen. Als laatste redmiddel heb je nog de URL sectie. De front-page is aan te duiden met “/” (zonder quotes). Nog steeds geen succes? Het allerlaatste is kijken of er voordat de sidebar functie uitgevoerd wordt in het template er een wp_reset_query() staat.

      • Het lukt me niet. Heb de plugin helaas gedeactiveerd. De donatie mag je houden natuurlijk. Vergeet je de link niet die ik heb gestuurd?

        • Het is jammer dat u geen gebruik kunt maken van Dynamic Widgets. Zoals al gemeld is de front-page vaak een breekpunt. Ik heb het door u gedoneerde geld zojuist terug gestort. De plugin heeft u niet kunnen helpen. QURL is van mening dat een donatie terecht dient te zijn. No cure, no pay.

  • On the right side of any page without sidebar content, the message, “Add Sidebar Widgets” is displayed. How do I remove that?


    • This is likely coming from your theme. Your theme detects the sidebar is / becomes empty and adds this as a placeholder. Probably to prevent breaking the layout. Dynamic Widgets can’t do anything about that.

  • Great plugin. Any chance in having the option / condition to exclude a widget based on screen size? I understand you have a mobile device conditional but screen size would be great as well.

    Thanks heaps

    • The screen size can only be determined by JavaScript. Dynamic Widgets is purely based in the backend on PHP. So, I’m sorry… this is not gonna happen. The mobile device condition is based on a WordPress (PHP) function.

      • Okay. I did read somewhere php doesn’t do screen sizes… Wish they did!

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