Dynamic Widgets 1.5.8

I’ve just released version 1.5.8 of Dynamic Widgets. I know, the time between releases is getting longer and longer. I have actually very good reasons for that, but unfortunately I can’t tell much about that already. I’m working on a very big project which hopefully is going public somewhere this year. It’s specific for the Dutch market, but has capabilities to roll out to other countries also.

Anyway, this is the changelog:

  • Renamed Mobile Device to Device for more expansion.
  • Removed the version number from the HTML comment.
  • Fixed a few strict warnings.
  • Fixed a few vulnerabilities discovered by Leon Juranic.

WARNING: When you upgrade manually, remove the dynamic-widgets directory first!

UPDATE: A small but can be annoying bug has been found. The URL and Pages module does not show your settings. The settings are working until you save new settings without reproducing the settings for URL and Page. A fix has already been released in the development version.

UPDATE 2: Apparently something went wrong with my test routines. Another small bug was found in the Single Post Category. Also this has been fixed in the development version.

10 Comments to “Dynamic Widgets 1.5.8”

  • I have a Web site with wordpress installs in sub-folders, although it is not a multi-site set up. Dynamic Widgets works fine in the sub-folder WordPress sites, but doesn’t load properly in the main WordPress site. Only about two-thirds of the plug-in screen loads. The save button among other things doesn’t appear. It can be a plugin conflict because they are the same across the site. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • DW probably breaks on a module. That can have several reasons. Most of the time it’s on a custom post due to the great variety of implementations. What is the last section you see?

    • Nothing appears below the “Category Pages” button in the toggle section on the main WordPress Install. More bad news, I upgraded some of my WordPress installs in subfolders to version 1.5.8 and now the only thing that appears on that screen is the “toggle sections” button. Nothing below that shows.

      The site is http:www.theimproper.com

      PS: I also have a separate single-install WordPress site and the updated plugin works fine.

      • Below Categories is Tags. Nothing special there. So, not sure what the problem can be. There is a small bug affecting URL and Pages module, fixed already in the development version. It’s hard to believe that it crashes on that. But maybe it’s a good idea to try it out. If it doesn’t help, you might need to look in the error log of the webserver. Maybe that shines some light.

        • Great where can I download the development version?

          • At the right hand side of this webpage, there is a widget called Dynamic Widgets. There you will find the link.

  • Thanks for your work on this plugin.
    I have widgets on single post pages that only appear if the post is in a particular category. It worked until I updated until this version. When I try to set the category that should display the widget, the back-end updates to show the widget on the category page, not the single page with that category assigned.
    I rolled back to version 1.5.4 and it works fine again.

    • Yes, it’s a known bug and fixed in the latest development version. An official release will follow soon.

  • So, this is not a multisite plugin?

    • DW works on a multisite. The only thing you can’t do is a network activation.

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