Dynamic Widgets 1.5.14

After more then one year finally a new version of Dynamic Widgets is released. Version 1.5.14 is here!

This version fixes a bug that was introduced since WordPress 5 preventing the ability to set the Pages default to “No”. Kudo’s to WordPress forum user @fjaeker for finding and debugging this issue.

Thanks everybody for your continued support to this plugin, even after a long silence from my side in doing updates on it.

3 Comments to “Dynamic Widgets 1.5.14”

  • very fast

  • Hello;

    It have been worked OK. But now it is not compatible with wordpress version 5.1.1.

    May be it is why there is a problem with the dynamic widgets.

    Can you update it to be compatible with wordpress?

    Thanks, Dalia

    • It’s compatible with WordPress 5.1.1. There are no known problems.

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