Dynamic Widgets 1.5.16

It seems I forgot to write a short notice for version 1.5.15. Anyway, version 1.5.16 has just been released that fixes a bug or actually a notice being thrown:

Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in dynwid_worker.php on line 526

when using PHP 7.3 or higher.

Thanks for your continuing support for this plugin. Even I’m not very active in adding new features. I still have a wishlist in my issue tracker which I’m not sure which items are still applicable or not.

2 Comments to “Dynamic Widgets 1.5.16”

  • Does the dynamic widget allow you to create a left hand sidebar on each page and post and homepage tablet or mobile version

    • Dynamic Widgets only shows or hides widgets based on the rules you have set. It does not alter the content of widgets, nor adds or removes sidebars.

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