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I’ve just released version 1.5.12 of Dynamic Widgets. This is release bumps the compatible version for WordPress to 4.6. A few things have been changed tho which might have an impact on users that (still) use QTranslate or one of it’s forks.

Because of the many forks that have been created and all going in a different direction not honoring the original code of QTranslate I had no other choice then (temporary) removing support for QTranslate and all it’s forks. Supporting a fork would mean breaking another fork. I can not allow that my plugin breaks another plugin or even worse a complete WordPress site.

Other changes that have been done in this release:

  • Added conditional check for client IP address (handy when using CLI)
  • Added support for featured image

When you do a manual install of the plugin, as always make sure to completely remove the old plugin directory before installing the new version and do a deactivate – activate cycle of it.


With the latest version of Dynamic Widgets, qTranslate-X support was added in favor of the abandoned qTranslate and mQtranslate projects. Some DW users are (still) using mQtranslate which now gives errors in the DW admin. Also it turns out that also qTranslate-X has been abandoned. Or at least none of the projects are found in the repository anymore.

Therefor I’ve decided to (temporary) suspend support for qTranslate and it’s forks until a solution is in sight.

For the DW users who have an error because of qTranslate, can use a special version of DW I submitted to the repository that has support within DW of qTranslate and it’s forks suspended.


A few days ago Dynamic Widgtes had been taken down from the WordPress Plugin Repository by the WordPress Admins because of a security flaw being found by Mika Epstein (Thanks Mika!). This is now fixed and therefor Dynamic Widget has been made available again.

Next to the fix for the security flaw a new feature has been added: Shortcodes. This feature has become available by the financial contribution of Nathan Wright of NW Consulting. Thank you very much Nathan!

Dynamic Widgets has had support for the now abandoned plugin qTranslate for a long time. Some time ago, qTranslate has been adapted by a few other folks and renamed to qTranslate-X. Dynamic Widgets has added support for qTranslate-X starting with version 1.5.10.

Unfortunately due to WordPress policies, the authors of qTranslate-X had to change some code. This resulted in a new incompatibility between qTranslate-X and Dynamic Widgets. For compatibility you can switch on a setting in qTranslate-X that makes Dynamic Widgets work again happily with qTranslate-X.

I quote one the authors of qTranslate-X in the WordPress Forum topic:
There is an option in qTranslate-X, “Compatibility Functions”, which enables back a list of functions with qtrans_ prefix:

Of course, Dynamic Widgets will be changed so this setting will not be necessary anymore in a new version.


After a long time I could finally find some time to release a new version of Dynamic Widgets. Just a few things have been added to it. Not much this time. Below the changelog:

  • Added Japanese language file (locale: ja) – Arigato chacomv!
  • Added security preventing calling scripts creatively
  • Added detection of QTranslate-X


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