FAQ Dynamic Widgets

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What are the (system) requirements to use this plugin?

  1. A properly working WordPress site (doh!).
  2. Your theme must have at least one dynamic sidebar.
  3. Your theme must call wp_head().
  4. Minimum of PHP version 5.2.7, PHP 5.3 is highly recommended.

I got the message “Oops! Something went horribly wrong. Please reinstall Dynamic Widgets.” What to do?

Actually, the message says it all. This happens when the database where Dynamic Widgets stores the rules can not be found (anymore). Reinstall Dynamic Widgets by first deactivating Dynamic Widgets on the plugin page, then (re-)activating. Everything should be fine after that. If not, don’t hestitate to leave me a message.

When you hit into this message immedialtely after installing Dynamic Widgets, you might not have the right to add database tables to the WordPress database. Or you are trying to activate Dynamic Widgets in a WordPress Network environment.

I get an error “Invalid WidgetID”, is it a bug?

No, this is not a bug. Did you hit the Save button after adding the new widget and then going to the Dynamic Widgets options page? When you did and still receive this error, you’re probably using a widget plugin. Other widgets work fine. Dynamic Widgets can’t do anything about it. The widget plugin is using an old and deprecated way of adding a widget to the WordPress system. I recommend you to contact the author of the plugin to update it and point the author for directions to this blogpost from 2009.

Dynamic Widgets is not following the rules I’ve set

This can be bug of course, but it can also be your theme ‘confusing’ Dynamic Widgets. Set Dynamic Widgets in “OLD method”. This might help.

At the Dynamic Widgets overview page, at the bottom, click ‘Advanced”. Now tick the checkbox for “Use OLD method” and try again.

Is WishList Member incompatible with Dynamic Widgets?

Yes, it is. Unfortunately the author of WishList Member is refusing to give any decent support to it’s users. The plugin is not free like Dynamic Widgets. I’m unable to resolve this issue on my own as I have no clue what the exact issue is.  I recommend not to use this plugin. This author does not deserve your money.

My hoster is (still) using PHP4, so what?

Start immediately looking for another hosting company. YES, immediately! NOW! Pronto!  Starting with version 1.5 of Dynamic Widgets PHP4 is NOT SUPPORTED anymore.

Hosting companies which are still using PHP4 on their servers do not deserve your money. They are lazy and probably running old fashioned hardware.

I’m not sure my theme is calling wp_head(). Can I check?

Yes, you can. In the Dynamic Widgets Overview page, click the Advanced > link at the bottom. You should see if wp_head() is called in your theme. It is possible Dynamic Widgets can’t detect if the theme is calling wp_head(). Please contact the author of the theme to ask for it. You can also of course just try Dynamic Widgets to see if it works.

Does the plugin work on WordPress Multisite?

Yes, but only if you activate the plugin on a per site base. Network Activation is not supported.
Extra note: It seems that sometimes for some reason DW does not show up on individual sites within a WP Network without a network activation. You can use Multisite Plugin Manager to overcome this problem.

I checked the “Make exception rule available to individual posts and tags” option, but nothing happens

Did you save the options? If you did, you may try to hit the a bit to the right and read the text which appears below.

What do you mean with logical AND / OR?

A logical AND means that ALL rules must be met before the action takes place.
A logical OR means that when ANY rule is met, the action takes place.

According to the featurelist I should be able to use a hierarchical structure in static pages, but I don’t see it. Where is it?

You probably have more than 500 pages. Building a tree with so many pages slows down the performance of the plugin dramatically. To prevent time-out errors, the child-function has been automatically disabled. You can however raise this limit by clicking on the Advanced > link at the bottom of the Widgets Overview page and raise the number next to the Page limit box.

The plugin slows down the loading of a page dramatically. Can you do something about it?

Try setting the plugin to the ‘OLD’ method. You can do this by clicking on the Advanced > link at the bottom of the Widgets Overview page and check the box next to ‘Use OLD method’. See if that helps. Setting the plugin using the ‘OLD’ method comes with a downside unfortunately. It may leave you behind with a visible empty sidebar.

I want to check if the ‘OLD’ method suits me better, is there a way back if it doesn’t?

Yes! You can switch between FILTER and OLD method without any loss of widgets configuration or whatsoever.

I want in Page X the sidebar becomes empty, but instead several widgets are shown in that sidebar. Am I doing something wrong?

Your theme probably uses a ‘default display widgets policy’. When a sidebar becomes empty, the theme detects this and places widgets by default in it. The plugin can’t do anything about that. Ask the theme creator how to fix this.

I’m using WPEC 3.8 or higher and I don’t see the WPEC Categories option anymore. Where is it?

Since version 3.8, WPEC uses the by WordPress provided Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies. Dynamic Widgets supports Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies. You’ll find the WPEC Categories under the ‘Categories (Products)’ section.

You asked me to create a dump. How do I do that?

  • Click at the bottom of the Widgets Overview page on the Advanced > link.Now a button ‘Create dump’ appears a bit below.
  • Click that button.
  • Save the text file.
  • Remember where you saved it.

I have found a bug! Now what?

You can file a bugreport. Make sure it’s a bug and not a (cloaked) support question. Please note the procedure how to create a dump in the previous answer. After you’ve filed the report, I’ll get back to you asap.

How do I completely remove Dynamic Widgets?

  • Click at the bottom of the Widgets Overview page on the Advanced > link.
  • Now a button ‘Uninstall’ appears a bit below.
  • Click that button.
  • Confirm you really want to uninstall the plugin. After the cleanup, the plugin is deactivated automaticly.
  • Remove the directory dynamic-widgets underneath to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.