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Here you’ll find a summary of the reported issues and their status for the latest Dynamic Widgets version. When an issue is resolved, it means it is included in the current development version.

Issue ID Status Summary
246newAdd option to filter on IP Address
242resolvedWarning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument 2 is not an array in dynwid_admin_save.php on line 78
245resolvedExtend the mobile device support
244newHide widget when viewing own BP profile
243newAdd support for post formats
238resolvedPrivate Pages disapear from list
70newSingle post rules are lost when using Quick Edit
185resolvedCheckboxes not visible in RTL languages
106resolvedAdd mobile detection
237resolvedInvalid arguments passed in custompost_module.php on line 216
218resolvedSeveral strict notices
204resolvedAdd locale sr_RS
195resolvedSeveral notices about undefined index in dwmodule_class.php on line 293 / 295 / 298 / 301 / 304
183resolvedDisabled / Not meeting requirements gives blank screen or fatal error
174resolvedDeclaration of DW_CustomPost::registerOption() should be compatible with DWModule::registerOption($dwoption)
170resolvedWPML category fails to follow the rules
178resolvedAdd info FAQ link for scanned image
169resolvedPHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in dynwid_worker.php on line 383
161resolvedException rules in single post types sometimes not followed
160resolvedAdd URL prefix filter
159resolvedAdd modules filter
158resolvedAdd lazy load for taxonomy tree terms
157resolvedIndividual CPT rules are lost when saving widget options
129resolvedNotice: Trying to get property of non-object in post-template.php on line 1275
128resolvedMove version one up to trigger release package
127resolvedWarning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(),
105resolvedWPML postID finder reports 0 when WPML language is unknown
98resolvedPods v2 is not detected
97resolvedThe date/time is sometimes calculated wrong (hours behind)
96resolvedWiden up widget_id space to support larger widget names
95resolvedAdd Danish language file
88resolvedSingle Post Rules are lost when autosave of single post is made
91resolvedAdd language files
82resolvedOn certain servers (unknown which) widgets do not hide - Probably certain PHP version and/or WP 3.4.1
81resolvedRe-introduce individual Custom Post Types support
75resolvedAdd Custom Taxonomy to Posts
74resolvedAdd day of the week section
73resolvedUndefined variable: term in dynwid_worker.php on line 520 / 612
72resolvedPrivate posts and pages are ignored
69resolvedUnable tp save URLs when default set to No
68resolvedInfo balloon has no text for homepage
67resolvedMissing options (Archive, Error, Search)
66resolvedAdd URL section
65resolvedNotice: Undefined property: stdClass::$post_name
182newResearch tags in pages - Ninja Page C & T
173newAdd support for bbPress
168newChange urlencoded URL to rawurlencode
163newThink about quick settings
162newAdd comment option to be to determine which widget is being edited.
28newAdd Geolocation module

Developers info: The above list is pulled directly from MantisBT using a non-public released WordPress plugin. When you’re interested in this plugin, let me know.

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